The Zubin Foundation

IBI donated funds to support The Zubin Foundation, a think tank and charitable foundation that works to improve the lives of Hong Kong’s marginalised ethnic minorities. The foundation takes a multi-dimensional approach to the problems experience by these ethnic communities including conducting research and influencing public policy, providing emergency relief and, supporting and funding education for young students. “Zubin” means “to honour and to serve” and The Zubin Foundation is clearly living up to its name.

Mothers Choice

IBI donated funds to help support Mothers Choice, a local charitable organisation that provides physical support to young mothers and their children, foster care services and, a series of proactive educational programmes across Hong Kong providing sexual education workshops to parents and young people to help reduce the numbers of crisis pregnancies. Mothers Choice works tirelessly to help the most vulnerable in our community whilst at the same time actively working to resolve underlying gaps in our young people’s sexual education.

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

The IBI Team were delighted to purchase a range of products to help the HKSPC with their Children’s Residential Home. Digital thermometers, feeding time accessories and other key items were purchased by IBI and hand delivered to their centre in Kowloon. The HKSPC do an amazing job supporting Hong Kong families and protecting children and we are very excited to be able to support them in their efforts.